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Mohbad expresses gratitude on new EP 'Blessed'

Mohbad expresses gratitude on new EP ‘Blessed’

Street-pop sensation Mohbad is back with a new EP he calls ‘Blessed’.

The talented singer and rapper is thrilled to announce the release of his highly-anticipated sophomore EP, aptly titled ‘Blessed.’

Mohbad’s debut EP served as an impressive introduction to his immense talent and artistry prowess. With ‘KPK,’ collaboration with producer Rexxie, Mohbad skyrocketed to stardom, captivating audiences nationwide and establishing himself as an artist to watch. Since then, he has consistently released back-to-back hits, showcasing glimpses of his experiences and growth as an artist.

‘Blessed’ retains the signature reflective and soulful vocals that have become synonymous with Mohbad’s music.

The EP seamlessly blends catchy melodies with his masterful command of street pop, creating a unique sound that sets him apart from his peers.

Mohbad’s baritone voice is both captivating and alluring, effortlessly drawing listeners into his groovy records while simultaneously highlighting the realities of the streets.

With ‘Blessed,’ Mohbad paints a vivid picture of his personal journey, showcasing his ability to rise above challenges and emerge as a better version of himself. The EP’s appeal is further enhanced by his self-consciousness, authoritative swag, and a deep understanding of his musical roots.

Mohbad effortlessly weaves together fuji percussions, showcasing his mastery of their progressions, and constructs verses that leave an immediate impression on any listener.

The EP features long time collaborator and friend Bella Shmurda and Street-hop maestro Boss Zlatan.

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