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Mic on Fire

Afrobeatsglobal - Mic On Fire 2024


Get ready to ignite your creativity.

Date:20.05.2024 -24.05.2024


Mic on Fire is a brain child of Afrobeats Global, one of the subsidiaries of CreatriEmpire International. 

The Ultimate battleground for rappers AND artists to go hard or go home, where creativity meets competition and an opportunity to show their bars, lyrical capabilities and vocal fury on the BURNING ūüĒ• mic about to be set ablaze on the 20th.

As it known it is the wotowoto season in the Nigerian music industry beaming with talents. 

The show primarily will be aimed at exporting these young, sharp and talented individuals to the world and also feature on our upcoming Afrobeatsglobal album.

Think you can handle the heat? Whether you’re a rap god with rhymes that sting or a vocal powerhouse with a voice that soars, Mic On Fire is your chance to prove it. Step up, grab the mic, and let the world hear your fire!

No be cho cho cho!………..Come Show Workings

Sign up & be the next Fire lord of Mic on fire


¬†Get ready for a show that’ll turn up the heat like never before!¬†

This ain’t your mama’s talent show. Meet the hottest bars spitting fire, blending with smooth Afrobeats melodies and Aywonda our producer¬†the chef of the day cooking all through till the finale, all under the spotlight . It’s a clash of titans, a symphony of skills, and a guaranteed vibe explosion.

Mic On Fire: It’s gonna be hotter than Lagos at noon!

The battle takes place right here at afrobeatsglobal studio 

Entry format РSign up and attach the link to any of your song or send the demo to 


Selection: From all registered artists, 12 will be chosen through a rigorous selection process 

Day 1-4: The Mic Meltdown

Daily Battles: Each day will feature 3 artists facing off in a head-to-head battle. Each artist will have a set time (to be determined) to showcase their lyrical prowess and vocal talents(This could involve original songs, freestyles, or a combination of both)

Judgement Call: After each battle, The judges will have the ultimate say and will select 1 winner from each daily battle to move on to the finals which leaves us with the fantastic 4.

Day 5: The Final Showdown

Final Battle Format: Each finalist would show workings and they get a longer set to showcase their full potential.

The Final Verdict: The judges will closely analyze the final performances and come to a final decision and Pick the fire lord for Mic on Fire


Our Judges and Producer for Mic-on-Fire



Ay Wonda Mic on Fire








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