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Voice Of Afrobeats

Afrobeats Global


Voice of Afrobeats(Season 7)

Stand a chance to win a total prize of 500k !!!

Voice of Afrobeats by Afrobeatsglobal


Voice of Afrobeats(VOA ) is a brain child of Afrobeats Global, one of the subsidiaries  of CreatriEmpire International. 

We are Calling all Afro firebrands! Is your flow scorching hot? We presents the Voice of Afrobeats (VOA) Freestyle Challenge, your chance to battle it out, impress the world, and win a life-changing prize!


Here’s the deal:

  • Freestyle Fury: Show off your skills over the same official VOA beat. Unleash your creativity, let your lyrics fly, and captivate the audience with your unique style.
  • The Power of the Vote: Fans will decide your fate! Upload your masterpiece to the VOA platform where every vote counts towards the ultimate prize and a Minumin of 500 votes takes you to the Finale .
  • Big Money, Big Dreams: The artist with the most votes takes home a whopping ₦500,000 grand prize! Second place walks away with ₦150,000, and third place snags ₦100,000!

This ain’t no joke! VOA is your chance to Win big, showcase your talent, gain massive exposure, and launch your Afrobeats career into the stratosphere!

Ready to step into this? Sign up for the VOA Freestyle Challenge and show the world what you’re made of!

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Registration (Entry Fee: 2,000 Naira):

-Registration & Access:

Your 2,000 Naira registration fee grants you access to the exclusive “Dress” beat. Head over to the Voice of Afrobeats website to complete your registration and download the beat.

-This same beat will be provided to all participating artists.

Freestyle It Up (Immediately Participant signs up – End of vote August 21st):

-Unleash your creativity and craft a killer freestyle over the official beat.

-Remember, originality, flow, and lyrical prowess are key!

-Freestyles must not be more than 2 minutes 40 seconds long.

-Explicit lyrics or content are prohibited

-All entries must be submitted before the end of voting (21st of August)

Voice of Afrobeats by Afrobeatsglobal

Upload Your Freestyle and submit entry 

(Immediately After sign up and you Get the official beat):

-Share your freestyle on your social media platforms (e.g., Instagram, X, Facebook and ensure they tag @Afrobeatsglobal).

-Ensure your post includes the official hashtag #VoiceofAfrobeatsChallenge.

Voting Period (July 29th – August 21st):

-All submitted freestyles will be uploaded to the VOA platform for a public voting period lasting two weeks. This is your chance to shine and let your fans propel you to the top!

-Fans can vote for their favorite freestyles using our secure voting system. Each vote costs N50, with a minimum purchase of 4 votes at a time. 

-To advance to the finale round, artists need to secure at least 500 votes for their freestyle during the voting period.

 -The finale will feature the top 3 artists with the highest total number of votes from the public voting period. This ensures a fair competition based on overall fan engagement.

-Voting closes on 21st of August.

-Votes would be hidden from 17th – 21st for compilation of votes

-The winner will be determined by the artist with the most votes on the VOA platform.

-The top 3 finalists will be announced on the 23rd of August the grand finale

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