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Recap On Afrobeatsglobal Online Webinar For Media Presenters

The just concluded Webinar which was themed: “From Stage Fright To Spotlight: Refining Your Presentation Skills To Stand Out In The Media” was a successful one with our guest telling us more on how to become a top media Presenter in 2024 which was anchored by Omobola Val.

The Webinar was packed with valuable insights for aspiring online media presenters! We were thrilled to welcome three esteemed guests, Ibeh Chidimma (Chidexy) and Valentino Igboanugo(Boy V), who shared their expertise on captivating audiences and building a successful online presence.

Setting the Stage for Success: Ibeh Chidimma’s Insights

The webinar kicked off with D-Truth offering a thought-provoking discussion on what it truly means to be an online media presenter. She emphasized the importance of finding your purpose and establishing clear goals as a podcaster. Additionally, she unpacked the secrets to crafting impactful online speeches that resonate with your audience’s needs and desires.

Standing Out from the Crowd: The Creatrix Empire CEO’s Perspective

Following D-Truth’s powerful message, the CEO of Creatrix Empire Emmanuel Alade dived deep into the essential qualities that differentiate exceptional presenters from the rest. This insightful session focused on cultivating your unique voice and standing out within the competitive online media landscape.

Engaging Your Audience: Valentino Igboanugo’s Take

Our Third guest, Valentino Igboanugo, took the stage to address the crucial aspect of capturing and retaining your audience’s attention. His presentation delved into the art of creating relatable content that keeps viewers glued to their screens, preventing boredom and fostering long-term engagement with your online programs.

Don’t Miss Out! Relive the Webinar

For those who missed the live session, or want to revisit the valuable lessons shared by our esteemed guests, we’ve prepared the video recordings of the webinar for your convenience.!

Watch the video below and get to sharpen your mind on what it take to become a top presenter in 2024.


Click me to catch up with Afrobeatsglobal previous webinar edition: 

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