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Nigerian Singer Terri Opens Up About Struggles With Health, Cyberbullying, & Career Challenges

Nigerian singer Terry Akewe, popularly known as Terri, has opened up about the numerous challenges he faces in his music career, along with other personal difficulties, including health issues and cyberbullying.

Terri, who gained fame after signing with Wizkid’s Starboy Records and featuring on the hit track “Soco,” has also made his mark with his debut EP, “Afro Series,” which includes popular songs like “Shuu,” “Turn on Me,” “Bia,” and “Same You.”

In a series of candid posts on his X handle on Saturday, Terri revealed that his journey in the music industry has been fraught with hardships. He shared his ongoing battles with anxiety and ulcer complications, frequent hospital visits, and the struggle to pay mounting medical bills.

“Ulcer complications, anxiety issues. In and out of the hospital. Crazy hospital bills, mum losing her mind, all for the music. Shit crazy. Jesus never fails. We will win finally,” Terri wrote.

The singer also spoke about the personal sacrifices he has made, including losing friendships and family connections, all in the pursuit of his music career. He highlighted the toll that industry pressures and “stanship wars” have taken on him.

“Lost friendships, family, just trying to find myself. Stanship war and distractions, something I know little or nothing about,” he added.

Terri made a heartfelt plea for support, asking fans and the public to appreciate him for who he is and to support his music. “Please, just see Terri for Terri. This shit is my whole life… Support my craft,” he urged.

Reflecting on his past, Terri shared how financial constraints prevented him from pursuing higher education despite gaining admission to the University of Lagos three times. In 2018, he chose to abandon his academic aspirations to focus entirely on his music career.

“2018, after getting admission into UNILAG three times and couldn’t make it because of finances, I was ready in 2018 to begin study, I quit because of this music. I gave my all to it,” he recounted.

Terri also addressed the issue of cyberbullying, which has been a significant challenge since he entered the music scene. “Since I got in here, I have suffered so much cyberbullying. All I wanna do is sing,” he admitted.

Despite the obstacles, Terri remains determined to succeed in the music industry, holding on to his faith and the belief that he will ultimately prevail.

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