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28000+ Nigerians Sign Petition Against Brymo For Anti-Igbo Remarks

28000+ Nigerians Sign Petition Against Brymo For Anti-Igbo Remarks

Nigerians are on edge in the months leading to the general election; one that is predicted to be the most competitive in history. While some supporters campaign and march for their preferred candidates, others choose to enlighten the general public on the dangers of nepotism in an election.

One of such individuals is Charles Ogundele, who launched an online petition against Brymo for his perceived tribalism towards the Igbo people. The petition that began six days ago has garnered over 28,000 signatures out of the target 35,000.

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The petition seeks to appeal to AFRIMA (All Africa Music Awards) to disqualify or prevent Brymo from winning the category he was nominated for. Last year, AFRIMA nominated Brymo in the “Song Writer of the Year” category for his single, “Fura sara” which is off his ninth album – “Esan”.

28000+ Nigerians Sign Petition Against Brymo For Anti-Igbo Remarks


This petition follows his recent series of anti-Igbo comments online, one of which included retweeting a tweet that all Igbos are senseless. Brymo also took a swipe at supporters of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, by suggesting that the Igbos were not ripe for the presidency.

Charles Ogundele stated his reasons for starting the petition. He tweeted,

“Brymo recently put up a series of hateful messages on Twitter toward the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, going as far as retweeting a tweet that said that all Igbos are senseless. In one of his tweets, he wrote ‘f*ck omo Igbo,’ which translates to ‘f*ck the Igbo people.'”

“His actions spark disunity and hatred in a multicultural nation like Nigeria. Preventing him from winning the All Africa Music AHeward would send a strong message to him, and people like him, that he can’t get away with such blatant ethnic bigotry,” he added.

The singer/songwriter has been at the receiving end of the public’s wrath since his comments. Many of his colleagues have also berated and condemned his blatant acts of tribalism. In fact, the subject has been trending on Twitter for days.

Meanwhile, one Abdullai Hassan has launched a counter-petition in support of Brymo. It is titled, “Political and hate bully on BRYMO. Let’s stop.” The petition has gathered almost 4000 signatures out of its 5000 goal. According to the new petition,

“Brymo is targeted with hate and bullying on all social media, including Twitter which is the center of the attack against his person by those people because of his political choice and stand. They have even gone as far as making a petition against him to be dropped by the AFRIMA award, an award for which he has was duly nominated, and the petition is politically sponsored and driven by hate.”

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