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Usher Unveils Highly-Anticipated Album “Coming Home” Featuring Burna Boy and Pheelz

pheelz and burna boy featured on Ushers Album


American R&B and pop icon Usher has recently revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album, “Coming Home,” set to be released on February 9th. The excitement is palpable as fans eagerly await the musical extravaganza, which includes notable collaborations with African stars Burna Boy and Nigerian producer Pheelz.

Tracklist Highlights

Usher took to his social media platforms to share the extensive 20-song tracklist, fueling anticipation within the music community. Among the standout features, Burna Boy joins forces with Usher on the opening track, aptly titled “Coming Home.” Meanwhile, Pheelz makes a significant contribution to the album, showcasing his talent on the tenth track, “Ruin.”

A Moment for Afrobeats

The inclusion of Burna Boy and Pheelz in Usher’s album is a momentous occasion for the Afrobeats community. It underlines the global impact and recognition of these Nigerian artists, solidifying their prominence on the international stage. This collaboration not only bridges continents but also highlights the evolving influence of Afrobeats in the global music landscape.

Pheelz’s Major Achievement

Nigerian producer Pheelz, known for his exceptional skills, has achieved a significant milestone by not only contributing to but also writing two songs on the album. The collaborative effort on “Coming Home” and “Ruin” underscores Pheelz’s versatility and creative prowess, earning him a well-deserved place alongside Usher and Burna Boy.

As the release date of Usher’s “Coming Home” approaches, the collaborative efforts of Usher, Burna Boy, and Pheelz generate excitement, emphasizing the unifying power of music across borders. The album’s diverse tracklist and the global recognition of African talents reinforce the evolving narrative of the music industry, celebrating cultural diversity and collaboration.

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