Mercy Eke, a Big Brother Naija reality star, has been dragged into dirt after being seen in a Twitter environment where her supporters attacked other inmates.

Mercy Eke made news in the late hours of yesterday after she complained about having only fan support during the BBNaija All Stars program.

In a recent interview with media personality Hero Daniels, the Imo influencer declared her contempt for her heart.

She stressed that, despite the fact that there had been two previous winners during the All Stars show, her victory appeared to be a crime.

A few hours after the interview went viral, Mercy fans organized a Twitter channel to drag several housemates.

Alex Unusual, Angel Smith, Nengi, Ike Onyema, Soma, Venita, and Adekunle were among the housemates who were dragged and slut-shamed.

Many netizens, however, have expressed surprise when Mercy Eke joined her supporters on Twitter space while other roommates were being mocked but could not stop her admirers.

Read some comments below….

@chineyeokafo: “@real_mercyeke
you stayed on this space with your fans and they slut shamed @alex_unusual, called, @soma_apex, a mad person, insulted, @theangeljbsmith, and her mother and also the parents of Ike????? Wow. You Mercy???
I’m still shocked”.

@Ajlikesbeauty: “Disrespecting someone’s mother on top of Stanship some of you have really cut your days short on earth”.

@Busenoko: “Thank you,wanted to but she hurriedly left,Mercy sat there and watched her fans curse Ike’s family ,like she was there!!!Nah that girl SMH”.

@A babe: “She loves rivalry and chaos , its so clear this proves it more”.

@Busayo: “Nah . Mercy is a nasty bitch .. a loser and a previous production planted weenar.. good for her she didn’t win . Forever a vile human”.

@Alexis_nita: “So mercy was on space too listening to her fans insult her fellow housemate. “.

@Kingjoeeeeee: “Mercy was on a space where her fans were insult!ng and slutsham!ng