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Lady who crushed on Alexx Ekubo makes U-Turn after reportedly seeing him closely

A Nigerian lady identified as Ekwutosi C Okeh, has disclosed that her love for actor Alexx Ekubo has come to an end after seeing him in person.

The lady who disclosed a few weeks ago that she was crushing on the actor shared that after her personal encounter with him, she has lost interest.

According to a post shared on her page, she disclosed that she noticed something that altered her perception.

She stated that she had initially thought Alexx was very tall, but after standing closer to him, she realised this was not the case.

Nonetheless, she acknowledged his handsomeness. Ekwutosi shared her feelings by saying:

“I been think sey Alex Ekubo is very tall ooo. “He’s currently standing close to me this place I am and bro is not as tall as Movies made him.

He’s fine shaa, I no crush again.”

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