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Kizz Daniel’s ‘Twe Twe’ Remix with Davido Takes the World by Storm

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In the dynamic world of Nigerian music, one name has been echoing louder than the rest recently – Kizz Daniel. His latest hit single, ‘Twe Twe’ has not only taken the charts by storm but has become a cultural phenomenon, especially after the remix featuring Davido.

‘Twe Twe’ quickly ascended to the Top of Apple Music’s Top 100 Songs, overshadowing Chike’s “Egwu.” Its remarkable journey began on December 12th, and since then, the track has maintained an iron grip on the top spot across various official Nigeria charts.

Davido’s Impact

The collaboration reached new heights as Davido and Kizz Daniel performed ‘Twe Twe’ together at the iconic O2 Arena.

The electrifying atmosphere, coupled with the artists’ dynamic stage presence, left the audience in awe. The viral moments from the performance instantly flooded social media, creating a buzz that resonated far beyond the venue.


‘Twe Twe’ has not only conquered the charts but has become a symbol of the synergy that can be achieved when two powerhouse artists join forces. Kizz Daniel’s original masterpiece, enriched by Davido’s touch, has created a musical legacy that will undoubtedly endure.

As the world continues to groove to the infectious beats of ‘Twe Twe,’ it’s clear that this collaboration has etched its place in the Nigerian music history.

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