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Uganda's Besigye explains his opposition to Anti-gay law; condemns attacks on family

Uganda’s Besigye explains his opposition to Anti-gay law; condemns attacks on family

Ugandan Opposition strongman, Col Dr Kizza Besigye. has opened up on the recently enacted Anti-homosexuality law, calling the process of passing it as “highly radicalized, hysterical and devoid of rationality.”

Besigye admitted having “too many concerns” about the law, from the manner it was passed and signed, to the tone of voices that came out in support of it.

In particular, he questioned heads of religious institutions, who in their public support for the law, spoke out in a way that he deemed hateful and glorifying violence.

Although he is a Christian who considers homosexuality sinful, Besigye says Christianity does not teach hate and judging other people, but loving and praying for those that you disagree with.

I believe in the Christian faith and scriptures and I consider homosexuality as a sin,” Besigye said on his weekly “Interface” talk show on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023.

What I find strange especially from believers like me is to assume the role of judges, when the bible is categorically clear that don’t judge and you shall not be judged, don’t condemn and you shall not be condemned,” he said.

Besigye also cited the book of Matthew which instructs believers to love their enemies and pray for them.

For the religious leaders who have been vocal about the new law, Besigye wondered why they have also not been as vocal about the other common transgressions that have permeated society.

Homosexuality, promiscuity, fornication are the same kind of sins but the way that the (religious) leaders have responded to them seems to be selective; yet we have had some senior clerics here who have been caught in adultery,” he added.

Besigye also condemned the attacks that he said have been aimed at him and his family as some sections of the public pushed him to comment on the anti-homosexuality law.

I have been attacked, my family has been attacked and continues to be attacked and condemned…but like I have said, I am going to write a comprehensive paper on this matter and put it out there,” he said.

In Uganda, Col Besigye’s only son, Anselm has been widely believed to be queer, although neither he, nor his parents have ever confirmed this.

Over the weekend at his graduation in Chicago, Anselm’s mother Winnie Byanyima shared pictures of him

with a woman named Liz, whom she referred to as his girlfriend.

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