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Twitter reinstates Kanye West's profile after 7 month-long ban

Twitter reinstates Kanye West’s profile after 7 month-long ban

Twitter reinstates Kanye West’s profile after 7 month-long ban

Looks like Ye is back, or is he…?


The rapper lost his account as a result of his multiple policy infringements last year during his numerous Twitter rants. The seven-month suspension occurred on the grounds of incitement to violence after Ye went on an Anti-Semitic rant in December of 2023.

This was not the first time the controversial artiste ended up in the Twitter dog house. Two months earlier, he was locked out of his Twitter and Instagram accounts after having his initial anti-semitic rant; which was removed on both platforms.

As a result of his tweets, Kanye lost brand deals and endorsements. Adidas cut ties with him saying, saying it did “not tolerate anti-Semitism and any other sort of hate speech”.

His last post before being banned in December appeared to show a symbol combining a swastika and the Star of David.

According to the Wall Street Journalthe singer will no longer be able to monetise his account, and no ads will appear next to his posts. His reinstated account is currently viewed as an official business account, this is indicated by the golden verification tick, as opposed to the blue one. His account currently has 31.5 million followers and shows his last post from December 1, a day before his account was suspended.

The report also stated that his account was restored after receiving reassurance that he would no longer use the platform to share anti-semitic content or any other harmful language.

Even though it has been days since his account was recovered, Ye has still not made any posts on the app.

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