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Rema Sternly Warns Record Labels Trying To “Clone” Him

Nigerian music sensation, Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, has raised a cautionary flag directed squarely at record labels who seem keen on replicating his unique style and molding their artists in his image.

Expressing his concerns, the young artist hinted at a growing trend where certain record labels are attempting to mirror his music style and overall branding through their own artists.

Rema’s unease with this phenomenon was evident as he urged these labels to veer away from imitation and embrace originality.

Taking to his preferred platform, Rema conveyed his message succinctly, stating, “Labels get creative, stop trying to clone me.”

This direct plea underscores his desire for a more diverse and innovative music landscape, one where artists are celebrated for their individuality rather than imitating established stars.

Further underscoring his point, Rema highlighted his own contribution to the music industry, particularly with his groundbreaking Afrobeat EPs.

He asserted that since 2019, his work has served as a blueprint for many new artists, inadvertently creating a template from which others have drawn inspiration.

With a hint of playful confidence, he quipped, “Every new Artist since 2019 ate from the same template. Uh oh.”

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