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Nollywood Actor, Mofe Duncan Addresses Body Shaming Criticism On Instagram

Renowned Nollywood actor Mofe Duncan took to Instagram to address body shaming comments regarding his weight, sharing his personal struggles and standing up against negative perceptions.

In a candid post, Duncan responded to a netizen who claimed he was not fit to be considered handsome due to his size. The actor highlighted the pervasive issue of body shaming within the entertainment industry and its impact on individuals.

“So this guy @iamadeogooluwayimika said I’m not allowed on the list of the most handsome men in Nigeria because I’m BIG. LOL! Comments like these brush off me like a leaf falling from a tree, ZERO IMPACT. ZERO DAMAGE,” Duncan wrote in his Instagram caption.

Duncan went on to explain that he has been a “big guy” for the past decade and revealed a severe back injury he sustained while trying to conform to societal expectations of physical appearance. He recounted how he was trolled and even faced rejection from producers who deemed him “FAT.”

“Did it affect me years ago? Yes. Does it affect me now? Never. Has it affected my acting or my career? I’d let my movies speak for me. What about my personality? Never. Or my health? Nope,” Duncan asserted.

The actor emphasized that his post was not solely about his experiences but aimed to support others who face similar body shaming and derogatory remarks. He encouraged people to ignore such trolls and highlighted the importance of self-acceptance and resilience.

“The thing is… this post ain’t for me or about me, it’s for others like me who get BODY SHAMED or called ‘UNPRETTY’ because they’re larger than their peers,” Duncan added.

By sharing his story, Mofe Duncan hopes to inspire others who have been subjected to body shaming to embrace their individuality and reject harmful stereotypes. His message underscores the need for greater acceptance and respect for diversity in physical appearances within the entertainment industry and beyond.

See his post below;

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