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Mr Eazi Sparks Discussion on Ghana’s Impact On The Success of Nigerian Music

Esteemed musician and entrepreneur, Mr Eazi, reflects on being a target of cancel culture after asserting that Ghana had an impact on Nigerian music.

In a tweet on January 11, 2017, Mr Eazi highlighted the significant influence of Ghanaian music on contemporary Nigerian music, resulting in backlash and threats of cancellation from fans, colleagues, and music enthusiasts.

Speaking on the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast with host Joey Akan, Mr Eazi shared that, despite the threats, he stands by his statement and does not regret it.

However, he expressed disappointment that some individuals he considered friends in the industry joined the public cancellation instead of addressing the matter privately.

The ‘Leg Over’ artist also criticized those who still hold resentment towards him, emphasizing that his statement was not profound and suggesting that their animosity may be rooted in unrelated reasons.


In his words;

“When the whole issue with me being cancelled, even till tomorrow, I see people come on my profile and still throw hate. They said, ‘Oh, yeah, you said that.’ I’m like, ‘Fam, really? This energy take it to your local politician wey dey run you street.’ You feel me? I didn’t kill anybody. I said what I said.

“And I said it many years ago. If that is the reason you hate, then you hate me for something else. It’s deeper than that. And realising that just make me feel free. That’s the lens to which I look at e everything. Because I was seeing guys I was saying ‘Hello’ to, coming out to say, ‘F*ck Mr Eazi.’

“And I was like, ‘Bro, you could have called me and say Eazi, I just saw this interview, you shouldn’t have said that. This is what I advise you to do.’ But it just became a thing of let’s all band together. And that’s why in my song ‘We Dey’, I said, ‘Twitter fingers steady showing fake love.’ Because it’s crowd mentality. It’s trendy to hate you, and now it’s like for clicks.

“There are people making art and nobody is caring about their life whether they jump or sit. It’s like they are invisible. Love and hate is acknowledgement of your existence, I’m even blessed to be able to invoke something.”

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