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Jidenna Confesses: “I Played with Women’s Feelings and Robbed Their Chance Of Having Babies

Nigerian-American singer and rapper Jidenna recently revealed some deeply personal aspects of his past relationships.

In a candid interview that quickly went viral, the artist, who has strong ties to Nigeria, shared how he used to deceive and manipulate women, admitting to lying for the thrill of it.

As he reflected on his past, Jidenna expressed profound regret, acknowledging that his behavior was both shameful and exploitative.


He went on to explain how he used manipulation techniques, such as gaslighting and invalidating feelings, to control the narrative in his relationships.

The ‘Classic Man’ hitmaker confessed to saying manipulative things like, “‘No one’s gonna love you the way I do'” to maintain control.

In a moment of self-awareness and remorse, Jidenna recognized the gravity of his actions, expressing deep sorrow for robbing women of their “baby-making years” by dragging them along.

He emphasized the importance of respecting and honoring women, expressing anger at seeing similar behavior in others.

In his plea to men, Jidenna urged them not to follow his past footsteps, emphasizing the need to treat women with dignity.

The artist’s openness about his past mistakes serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of growth, self-reflection, and ultimately, respecting the women who contribute so much to our lives.

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