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“I Knew I Was Going To Be A Superstar Since I Was 10 Years Old” – Ayra Starr Journey To Stardom

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr recently shared insights into her early aspirations and rise to fame, claiming she always knew she would be a superstar but was initially uncertain about how it would happen.

In an interview with Spotify, Ayra Starr recounted her journey into the music industry, which began at the age of 18 after she graduated from university. Despite her early conviction about becoming famous, her mother insisted she complete her education before pursuing a music career, delaying her first studio experience until she reached adulthood.

“The year I turned 10, I knew I was going to be a superstar, but I didn’t know how,” Ayra Starr revealed. “At 16, I just wanted to sing in my room; 18 was when I entered the studio for the first time, having just graduated from university. My mom always said I could do music only when I was truly ready.”

The Grammy nominee highlighted key milestones following her debut. “I released my first album at 19, ‘19 and Dangerous,’ and it took the world by storm. At 20, I released ‘Rush,’ which became my biggest song. The year I turned 21, I got nominated for a Grammy; that marked the beginning of living my life as a global African superstar.”

Ayra Starr’s reflections offer a glimpse into the determination and talent that propelled her to international acclaim.

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