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Ghana’s Black Sherif Makes It To List Of 10 African Artists On Audiomack In 2023

In a remarkable testament to his skyrocketing success in the music realm, Ghanaian sensation Black Sherif has clinched a coveted position on Audiomack’s esteemed compilation of the Top 10 Most Streamed African Artists of 2023.

This noteworthy accomplishment not only showcases Black Sherif’s outstanding musical prowess but also underscores the global reverberation of his music and the profound impact he has achieved in an impressively brief span.

Black Sherif stormed onto the Ghanaian music scene, captivating audiences with his distinctive sound and compelling storytelling. Fusing afrobeat, highlife, and hip-hop elements with raw and relatable lyrics, he swiftly amassed a massive following.

The artist’s meteoric ascent commenced with the release of his breakthrough single, “Money,” which resonated deeply with listeners across Africa and beyond.

Securing a coveted spot on Audiomack’s Top 10 Most Streamed African Artists represents a monumental achievement for Black Sherif.

Audiomack, a leading music streaming platform, annually acknowledges artists who have left a substantial imprint in terms of streaming numbers and audience engagement. Black Sherif’s inclusion in this prestigious list firmly establishes him among the continent’s musical elite.

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