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Fans React As May Edochie Seen Bonding With Male Friend In New Video

Fans were filled with after seeing a new video of May Edochie bonding with her male friend, Chris Ezenwa, CEO of Zandas Beauty & Fragrance.

The renowned brand influencer couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as she quickly turned to her official Facebook page to share the moment when Chris, May’s male friend surprised her with a towering billboard display, accompanied by a compelling photo of her embodying her ambassadorial role for Zandas.

May Edochie was ecstatic when she saw the stunning billboard decorating the bustling streets of Lagos, specifically along Kingsway Road in Ikoyi.

She passionately urged her fans to enjoy the sight of the billboard anytime they were driving on the stretch

The video ended with May Edochie and Chris exchanging a warm embrace, their mutual passion clear as they entwined hands and engaged in a private talk.

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