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Boy Tizno: The Rising Star of Afrobeats with Unmatched Talent

Oluwatosin Toheeb, better known as Boy Tizno, is a name that’s quickly gaining traction in the Afrobeats scene, and for good reason. His effortless flow, witty lyrics, and infectious energy are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his immense talent.

Born and raised in Agbado Ijaye, Lagos, Boy Tizno’s musical journey began alongside his friend Matt Maxxy. Together, they experimented with music, posting their recordings on social media and receiving positive feedback that fueled their passion.

While initially drawn to rap, Boy Tizno has found his true calling in Afrobeats. His music draws inspiration from his own experiences, resulting in relatable lyrics that resonate with listeners. Despite not yet having any awards to his name, Boy Tizno is driven by a desire to reach the top, leave his mark on the music industry, and become a source of support and inspiration for aspiring artists.

Collaborations with established artists like FireBoy and Syi Vibes are on his wish list, and with his talent and dedication, it’s only a matter of time before Boy Tizno achieves his dreams.

Beyond his music, Boy Tizno is known for his calm demeanor, which shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of intelligence. As he says:

“If I bow down to Lucifer, na me fuck up, if I lock up, I don give up”

Boy Tizno is a rising star with a bright future ahead. Keep an eye on this talented artist as he continues to climb the ladder of success, leaving his mark on the Afrobeats scene with his undeniable talent and infectious energy.

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