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BBTitans: Khosi starts her own talk show in Biggie's house

BBTitans: Khosi starts her own talk show in Biggie’s house

BBTitans: Khosi starts her own talk show in Biggie’s house

While others are still emotional about the twist from last night, Khosi has forged her own path forward and given us more content on the show.

After an emotional evening that split the housemate pairs, Khosi has decided to forge an interesting way for herself on Biggie’s show by starting her own show, Coffee with Khosi.

Big Brother drew another card last night and changed the structure of the show back to a solo contest, Khosi grabbed the chance to host a whole talk show within a show.

The show is Khosi, trying her hands at podcasting and it appears to be moving well for her.

Ebubu was her first guest, and it served as a complete reintroduction for viewers, allowing them to get to know the housemate better. Ebubu talked about his upbringing, his life prior to moving into the Big Brother Titans house, and his experiences there.

Coffee with Khosi became popular on Mzansi’s trends list in less than an hour. While a lot of social media users adored the concept, some found it uninteresting and thought she was just trying to promote her brand.

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