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Watch Rema New Music Video ‘DND’

When it comes to the forefront of African music, Rema undoubtedly stands among the top-tier artists in the country presently, securing a noteworthy position within the top four. His accomplishments are nothing short of impressive, notably being the sole Afrobeats artist with a song exceeding a billion streams on Spotify as a lead artist.

This remarkable achievement underscores his substantial impact and influence in the music scene. However, rather than resting on his laurels, Rema remains driven and ambitious, consistently striving to innovate and captivate the world with new material.

His most recent release, an experimental five-track EP, has been creating ripples in the music scene. Among the standout tracks, “DND” has swiftly become a fan favorite.

Responding to the enthusiastic requests from his fans, Rema has promptly unveiled the official music video for the track.

The “DND” music video encapsulates the upgraded Rema, brimming with creativity and visual allure. It unfolds with a series of scenes that are not only visually appealing but also dynamic, featuring an array of creative concepts that captivate the viewer.

This video serves as a vibrant tapestry, seamlessly weaving together artistry and innovation, showcasing Rema’s distinct style and artistic vision.

A notable element of the video is the portrayal of Rema rightfully claiming his place in the music industry, positioning himself as H.I.M.

This self-designation reflects his confidence and established status within the music landscape.

Behind the captivating sounds of “DND” is the creative production prowess of P. Prime.

His expertise in crafting beats and melodies plays a pivotal role in bringing out the essence of the song, complementing Rema’s vocals seamlessly.

Directed by Meji Alabi for JM Films, the video adds another layer of visual richness to the compelling narrative of “DND,” solidifying Rema’s position as a trailblazer in the contemporary African music scene.


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