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Mohbad Terminates Contract With Marlian Records

After months of online/offline scuffles with Naira Marley and his record label, Marlian Records, Mohbad enlisted professional help to end it. His lawyers have officially terminated his contract with the record label.

Mohbad Terminates Contract With Marlian Records

The termination notice was issued a few weeks after Mohbad accused Naira Marley and his gang of assaulting him.

He had taken to Twitter to share a series of disturbing Tweets with videos of his bruised body, after he was allegedly attacked by Naira Marley’s gang. He claimed that Naira Marley had ordered a hit on him because he wanted a change of management.

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Mohbad Terminates Contract With Marlian Records

Marlian Records boss, Naira Marley, denied the allegations following a massive backlash from fans. During an Instagram live session, he claimed that Mohbad was not assaulted. Rather, he was forcefully restrained when he tried to fight his manager while intoxicated.

Now that their conflict has come to a head, Mohbad is seeking an immediate termination of his contract with the record label he joined in 2019.

His legal representative issued a termination notice citing all the reasons for their client’s decision. The letter indicates that the termination was effective as of the 7th of October, 2022.

It read:

We are solicitors to Promise Alba Oladimeji professionally known as Mohbad, hereinafter referred to as our client. Our Client has reliably informed us of the following facts;

1. That you, Azeez Fashola professionally known as Nara Marley entered into an arrangement with our client as ‘Marlians Entertainment Limited’ sometime in 2019, wherein you released and monetized songs made by our client from the time of the arrangement till date;

2. During the period of this arrangement you orchestrated and carried out violent physical attacks on our client, causing grievous bodily harm and threat to the life of our client.

3. In contravention of the terms of the arrangement between our client and yourself, you have failed to pay any advances as mutually agreed by both parties since 2019 till date;

4. You have also failed to pay all royalties due our client from all his intellectual property works monetized, released and utilised by you from 2019 till date.

5. That due to the direct contravention of the terms of agreement, as well as the criminal acts of assault and battery against our client, he has decided to terminate the arrangement effective from the 7 of October, 2022

6. Sequel to this termination we therefore demand the following:

  • The logs and records of the digital sales of all songs by our client released and utilized during this period (2019 – till date) and payment of the monetary valve in respect thereof due to our client within 7 (seven) days of your receipt of this letter.
  • The immediate handover of our client’s entire catalogue of songs released prior and during the arrangement with you.

Please accept the assurances of our professional regards as we anticipate your immediate cooperation.

As at the time of writing, Naira Marley and Marlian Records have yet to issue an official statement on the letter.

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