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Meet SOLOLA AYOMIDE stage name Heisrage

As a burgeoning artist, SOLOLA AYOMIDE professionally know as Heisrage navigates the
canvas with a unique blend of RAGE in his style and music.

Born March 25 2006 and raised in the ogun state Nigeria, inspired by OLAMIDE. their artistic
journey began as a quest for self-expression and connection, He hosted his first show on
November 3rd 2023 And he has developed a distinctive style that Got people talking about

Heisrage studies architectural technology in the Federal polytechnic ilaro, honed their skills
and embarked on a creative exploration.

As Heisrage continues to evolve artistically, each stroke and color choice reflects a deeper
narrative, inviting audiences to join in the conversation. With a promising future ahead, HE is
set to leave an indelible mark on the art world

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