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Dont Blame Naira Marley For Mohbad’s Death- Fela’s Daughter, To Iyabo Ojo and Critics

Motunrayo Anukulapo-Kuti, daughter of Fela, has emphasized that Naira Marley should not bear blame for the passing of his ex-associate, Mohbad.

This comes in response to Iyabo Ojo’s accusations on Instagram, where she criticized Naira Marley for his perceived silence during an Instagram live session where Sam Larry allegedly harassed Mohbad in the presence of Daddy Freeze.

Motunrayo defended Naira Marley, stating he shouldn’t be held responsible for Mohbad’s tragic outcome.

This was how it played out

Iyabo Said

“When Sam Larry was bullying Mohbad, what did Naira Marley do? Why didn’t you come out to say ‘this boy is my boy, why are you bullying him up and down, why did he keep silent?’ Was it right the way they were beating him up and down, torturing him,”

Motunrayo fired back at the allegations, confronting Iyabo Ojo, Daddy Freeze, and another participant in the live session.

According to her, they were all silent when Mohbad faced bullying.

Her response:

“When Mohbad was being bullied, you all in this video what did u people do about it? What did ur talking do about it . But he died now and una wan come out come talk. Abegi jooo.”

Expanding on the topic, Motunrayo emphasized that assigning blame for Mohbad’s death, including pointing fingers at Naira Marley, is unwarranted.

“Nobody is to blame for his death and definitely no NM. Why are they all coming out to point fingers? Everyone knew he was being bullied and no one did anything about it. Nothing like why NM. If they want to push blame every one of these celebrities are (sic) to blame cause they had the platform but they didn’t do shiiii.”

“He probably didn’t want to get involved finish. A man decides what he wants or not want to be involved with. Which one is why didn’t he say something? Is it everyone in the industry you people come out to support or defend???.


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