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BBNaija S7 – Biggie Unveils Level 3 (Video)

Following the Sunday live eviction show that saw the removal of three housemates, Biggie shocked viewers with an unexpected twist – Level 3.

Although the show is slowly coming to an end, Biggie shows no signs of slowing things down. To keep the season hot, he introduced a new level to the show.

When Doyin, Eloswag and Chomzy were evicted, viewers expected the normal routine of exiting the house and having a short interview with the show’s host. Well, viewers were treated to a shock. Instead of the normal deal, all three evicted housemates were moved to the third level.

There, the housemates will be treated and regarded as Biggie’s guests. Although they are still in the game, they do not have a chance of winning the grand prize.  However, they are to remain in the house till the 18th of September, when they will be merged with the other clueless housemates.

The Big Brother Naija’s website issued a statement on the new development. It read:

“The House Guests are no longer in the running for the highly coveted Grand Prize but are eligible to earn winnings from Sponsored Tasks. Unbeknownst to them and the Housemates, they will occupy Level 3 until 18 September at the very least, partaking in normal House activities such as Diary Sessions, Tasks and Head of House Games. Nominations also remain the same, but no one in the House would know if the House Guests are Evicted or not.”

While some fans are eagerly awaiting the new drama the twist would create, it did not sit well with others. Some wondered if Biggie was showing favoritism towards the former level 1 housemates. Where was this twist when Amaka was suddenly evicted last week? Since the show is almost over, is the new twist needed? Isn’t it a bit much?

Well, no one knows the mind of Biggie and the show’s organizers. The only thing for fans to do is enjoy the show, while cheering their faves on.


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