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ruggedman 2024

Ruggedman’s Raw Reflections: Debunking the Afrobeats Myth

rugged mans interview 2024


In a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Nigerian rapper Ruggedman offered a candid perspective on the music industry, particularly regarding the term “Afrobeats.” His insights cut through the noise of the industry, challenging common perceptions and shedding light on a phenomenon often overlooked.

Redefining Afrobeats

Ruggedman boldly declared that Afrobeats is often used as a façade by talentless individuals, suggesting it’s become a shield for those lacking genuine artistic integrity. This critique prompts us to reconsider what truly defines the genre and the artists representing it.


Challenging the Narrative

Ruggedman challenges the global recognition of Afrobeats, suggesting it has been co-opted by a select few artists who lack substance and creativity. He emphasizes the importance of distinguishing genuine artistic expression from mere commercial exploitation.

The Call for Authenticity

In a music industry dominated by superficial trends and fleeting fame, Ruggedman’s reflections serve as a reminder of the enduring value of authenticity. He urges both artists and audiences to prioritize creativity and sincerity over external validation.


Ruggedman’s raw reflections on Afrobeats encourage us to rethink our perceptions of success and redefine what it truly means to leave a lasting legacy in the world of music. Let us heed his call to elevate our craft and uphold the integrity of the art form, embracing authenticity as the ultimate measure of artistic merit.

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