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Davido Laughs

Even Ghanians Never ‘CEDIS’ Coming

It is obvious that the Nigerian Afrobeat has emerged as a Mitochondria ‘-A Power House that has effectively positioned Africa on the Globe after topping charts in different African countries. 


Between you and me, we know for certain that this movement is not taking a chill pill anytime soon.


One might ask


What is that one thing that is making Nigerian Afrobeat Music dominate Africa and position it on the world map?


There are many reasons, but these 3 are obvious



  1. Innovation
  2. Spotting and developing talents,

  3. Dedication and
  4. Collaboration 


And not just “strategic monetary investment” Ghanaians think.


What is actually funny is Ghanaians thinking that if they embark on strategic “Monetary investment”, they will “overtake Nigeria” 


If it was actually money, how come Nigerians are the ones topping song charts in their country? It’s obvious they never CEDIS coming lol.




As Ghana sets its sights on the musical zenith, it’s essential to recognize that the formula for success extends beyond monetary figures; it is a continuous culmination of talent spotting and development, innovation, and dedication.


In conclusion, the domineering nature of Nigerian music is not merely a consequence of financial backing but a testament to a thriving ecosystem that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. 


While the playful banter between Nigeria and Ghana adds a lighthearted touch to the narrative, 


The height of everything lies in the ongoing evolution of African music as a whole, with Nigeria’s Afrobeat leading the charge into uncharted territories.

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