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Brymo says he doesn’t blame Igbos for AFRIMA loss

Brymo says he doesn’t blame Igbos for AFRIMA loss

Before the general elections, Brymo cancelled the Igbo tribe and its candidate from the presidential race, causing him severe backlash.

The 8th edition of the music award, tagged ‘Teranga Edition’, was rescheduled from its normal November date to January 12–15, 2023, in Dakar, Senegal, and saw Brymo lose the award categories for ‘Best Songwriter of the Year,’ and ‘Best Album of Year.’

In an interview with The Cable, the singer was quizzed about how he felt about losing the awards relating it to trouble that permeated the time of the nomination and the petitions that were fined against him.

The interviewer asked, “What did you make of it; seeing over 40,000 people suddenly signing this petition to strip you of your nominations for the 8th AFRIMA over a social media talk? Did the award contact you about it?

Brymo responded that he actually looked forward to winning. He added that his loss was not associated with the petition or the troubles that came before it but was the result of a number of factors.

He said, “I think, months before, I’d announced that I was no longer a musician and that I was instead a sonic artist. It meant I was no longer eligible for awards that musicians get. However, AFRIMA nominated my work ‘Esan’, so I forgot all that and looked forward to the event. But in truth, I’m no longer a singer so I didn’t want it.

“There’s a songwriting category but they shouldn’t nominate sonic artists. I was looking forward to it anyway, and then something happened. I got into trouble talking about Biafra leaving and staying. So I stayed out of AFRIMA and didn’t attack the award afterward. Not winning had nothing to do with the southeast fracas. Everything only just came together.”

In the build-up to the 2023 general elections, many people lambasted the singer for making comments against the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, saying that they did not deserve to have a claim to the presidency.

The comments received criticism from fellow celebrities and fans, but Brymo maintained his stance, showing he’s not sorry by retweeting the same set of tweets that got him under fire in the first place.

Then, Charles Ogundele launched a petition against the alternative singer, calling for his nomination to be revoked.

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