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Angel and Soma's ship runs into some issues on 'BBNaija All Stars'

Angel and Soma’s ship runs into some issues on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

Angel and Soma’s ship runs into some issues on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

Week three kicks off with some drama between these two lovebirds.

The duo shared their first kiss, then settled their issues, and kept the love going until today, August 7, 2023. Things took a turn after an outburst from Soma, which left Angel confused.

His reaction to their minor argument led to Angel saying she could not be with someone who wasn’t confident.

The housemates weighed in on the drama. After overhearing Soma speaking to himself, Pere asked Angel about what had happened. He stated that he heard Soma say, “Don’t let this girl mess your game up,” which was surprising since he thought they were on good terms.

Angel was annoyed by the statement, as Doyin had initially approached her to tell her Soma was crying in the bathroom. She was going to console him but later decided not to because it felt like he needed time alone.

Angel said that she was not at fault as he had an attitude earlier in the kitchen; he realised his mistake and then came back to apologise. However, when Soma did, Angel wanted to be alone, and then came his outburst.

Venita approached Soma to help sort out the issue; he said he felt anxious and needed to release his emotions. Venita let Angel know, and although she was hesitant, they had a sit-down where he expressed that Mondays made him anxious.

Angel, however, felt like while she wanted to be his safe space in the house, he needed to “believe in his sauce’ and stop letting his feelings affect him.

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