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Afrobeatsglobal Artist Profile: MattMaxxy


Mattmaxxy afrobeatsglobal


The Versatile Yoruba Gang Rapper with a Global Vision

OluwaTopcast, also known as Toheeb Omokolapo, needs no introduction in the gang rap scene. His name, derived from the belief that “God alone is the highest,” reflects his strong belive & faith.

Toheeb is a true musical chameleon, with rage and strenght able to seamlessly adapt to any beat and deliver fire bars. He’s not confined to a single genre, but rather embraces the power of versatility.

Full Name: Toheeb Omokolapo
Stage Name: TopCast
Born: Undisclosed
Birth Place: Lagos
Nationality: Nigerian
Relationship Undisclosed
Occupation: Singer • Songwriter
Net Worth Undisclosed
Afrobeatsglobal Artist profile


completed his elementary and secondary school education in Nigeria and studied at Kwara State Polytechnic(KWASU)in the ilorin for his National diploma degree.





“To ju emi e, if it is not music, it is not work, se ise ni yen sa?” (If it’s not music, it’s not work, is that even work?)


While his love for music is undeniable, his passion for Indian music is truly unique. He draws inspiration from this unexpected source “Shah Rukh Khan” further demonstrating his open-mindedness and global perspective

Topcast views himself as a “preacher” through his music, using his platform to share his message and connect with his audience. His ultimate goal is to achieve Grammy recognition as an indigenous rapper, showcasing the power and beauty of Yoruba language and culture on a global stage.

He has always been a solo artist, preferring to collaborate with Indian artists rather than Nigerian ones. However, he remains open to collaborations with any Nigerian artist who wants to feature him.

As the 2024 “Mic on Fire” winner, OluwaTopcast is a true testament to the power of dedication and talent. His versatility, global vision, and unwavering passion make him an artist to watch closely.

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