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Traditional Teachings Made Relevant Today Lesson 3

Traditional Teachings Made Relevant Today Lesson 3: ‘However long the night may last, there will be a morning.’

 – African Proverb


At this moment in time; the world is at a standstill, as the world is in the midst of a global pandemic. Many people have been grievously ill and a few have unfortunately died. Businesses have been forced to shut down, health care systems are under pressure, schools are closed, and many countries have been shut off and placed into a lockdown.

This pandemic has forced the world to be in a state of stillness, and vulnerability, as we unwillingly place our lives and welfare into the government and world leaders’ hands; Similar to being in a nightmare that you can’t control, or escape from and seems like it will never end.

Welcome to the long night, are you afraid?

It’s within human nature to fear the night, it’s buried deep within our psyche. In the past ‘fear’ was a vital survival trait needed to protect oneself from predators.

However that isn’t the case now, but fear still lives within us on a day to day basis. During the night we are surrounded by a fear of the unknown, being blind to our surroundings, left alone with nothing but our mind that has the tendency to play tricks on us. Now during this pandemic we have a heightened fear towards illness, death, debt, our surroundings and people.

My message to you is, don’t be afraid of this long night, do not fear this moment of uncertainty, do not fear what you can’t control, do not dwell in the darkness of your own mind and fears. Seek the light at the end of this tunnel no matter how long the walk may be. The world is going through a struggle right now and the only way to overcome a struggle is to change the narrative, think positively and embrace this time of stillness.

Understand that you have been provided with a break, an opportunity, a chance to reflect on your life’s journey, a moment to spend some quality time with yourself, time to work on and improve your health, and most importantly a moment to breathe. Use this time wisely, set yourself some goals, educate yourself, build stronger connections to your family, practice patience, self-love, and have faith that the soon this will all be over, and you leave this nightmare the best version of yourself and ready to tackle the rest of 2020.

Just as the virus came it too shall pass, the world will keep on turning as if nothing happened, and understand that where there is night, there will always be day, where there is darkness, there is always light.

Affirmation: ‘ No matter how dark the night, I will always look for the light at the end of the tunnel’


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