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Traditional Teachings Made Relevant Today Lesson 2

Traditional Teachings Made Relevant Today

Lesson 2: ‘When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.’

-African Proverb

Simply put ‘You are your own worst enemy’, a statement that carries a lot of weight and truth; but rather than look within; some choose to place the blame on ‘the outsiders’, ‘the haters’, those that oppose our ideas. But you must understand that fear, doubt and worry are your true and worst enemies, you will not find them on the outside, you will never see them in person, because they live within your mind and will challenge you every day.


Fear of the unknown, doubting yourself and your abilities, worrying about what other people may think, or what could go wrong, is what blocks you from reaching your goals, and being successful in life. Take a moment and think of all the times you blocked your own blessings by allowing doubt, fear, and worry to enter your mind. Think of all the times an opportunity was presented to you, maybe it was a new job, a new relationship, a chance to travel and explore, etc, and your immediate reaction was to question, doubt, and find faults, rather than embrace, and welcome something new. – Don’t worry because it happens to the best of us, but  know that there is work here to be done.


In order to remove this enemy from within you must first understand 3 things:


Firstly, we are all God’s children, the Lord protects us, guides us, and will never give you a task or opportunity you can’t handle.

Secondly, whether you believe it or not our path is already set, everything in our life happens for a reason, so rather than fear the unknown, open your mind and heart to, because as the saying goes ‘you’ll never know until you try’, but if you always stop yourself from trying then you will never know, and you will miss out on countless experiences.

Lastly,  when these fears, doubts and worries enter your mind, identify what the issue is, pause your thoughts, and say out loud, ‘ I will not allow these negative thoughts to take over’, and ‘I embrace all opportunities that come my way with an open mind’.


It’s a  natural part of human nature to be afraid, but you mustn’t allow that fear to stop you from experiencing life. Once you learn to remove the enemy from within; you create space for love, self-confidence, peace of mind, and positive thoughts to manifest, and that is more than enough to discourage the enemies on the outside from attacking and disrupting your life’s journey.


Affirmation: ‘ I will keep my mind open to all opportunities life has to offer me’


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