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Traditional Teachings From The Past Made Relevant For Today

Traditional teachings from the past made relevant for today

2020 is the year of repetition, a year when certain points in history are repeating itself, not just world history with wars, natural disasters, governments collapsing and viruses spreading. But one’s own personal history is repeating itself too. You may notice people buried deep down in your past resurfacing, you may be going through a struggle that you have experienced before, you may feel as if 2020 reminds you of a time before, something you’ve already experienced, like one big ball of dejavu. 2020 has giving the world a chance to restart, to learn from our past mistakes and make a better future not only for ourselves but for the next generation. It is time for us to seek knowledge in those that have experienced life before us, our elders who have passed down many wise words and teachings throughout time and can best prepare us for challenges we may face throughout our journey.

One form of teachings are African proverbs, which are deep rooted in African history. These small but powerful gems of wisdom have been passed down from generation to generation, and have been used to share ideas, give advice, inspire and support those who have received them.

In essence our elders have provided us with a guide to life, a handbook full of tips on how to handle situations and challenges we may face; family, relationships, peace, careers, society, self, etc- and I the author will  give you a modern day breakdown which allows you; the reader to apply it into your everyday life and pass on to those who may need some words of wisdom.

-“A proverb is the horse that can carry one swiftly to the discovery of ideas.” – Nigerian Proverb


Lesson 1:

‘When the shepherd comes home in peace, the milk is sweet.’

  • Ethiopian Proverb

Peace of mind doesn’t come easy in this world, there are many factors that

cause one to stress, worry, and doubt one’s capabilities.

Work, family, relationships, school, friends, and the environment itself can affect us all negatively and many of us allow these stressors to take over our minds and lives.

But It is important to note that stress is always dependent on your attitudes towards the problem at hand- meaning you don’t have to let these things or people affect your peace of mind, you can simply prevent that negative feeling to takeover by adjusting how you think about that person, thing or situation.


Peace of mind is ‘being in a mental state of calmness or tranquility, and freedom from worry and/or anxiety’.

Take a moment and think about what peace of mind looks like to you, think about what areas in your life are not at peace and what needs to be done to create and/or restore peace in your life. It is also important to take a moment to reflect on how your stress and negative energy can affect those around you and disrupt their peace of mind.


When we have peace of mind it simply means we have the right balance within ourselves and we have created an environment within ourselves that allows only positive energy to shine through.

Only then can everything flow naturally, our ideas, goals, and prayers can be achieved and the journey of the shepherd can be one of peace.

*I will not allow anything to affect my peace of mind.*


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