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Tiwa Savage’s $Ex Tape Leaking Was Not a Mistake – Aproko Doctor Insists

Aproko Doctor, a Nigerian online love doctor, has taken to his page to investigate the songstress’s $ex clip that has been released into the public arena.

After the sex tape of prominent singer Tiwa Savage was exposed on the internet, social media users went crazy.

With over 65,000 messages, Tiwa Savage is currently the most trending topic on Twitter. Many people are still debating whether or not she is the one, while others have taken advantage of the situation to troll her.

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Aproko Doctor has remarked in the midst of the social media uproar that just because the individual who leaked it on Snapchat removed it a few minutes after posting it does not mean it was a mistake.

“Don’t be fooled: That sex tape leak was NOT an accident. And no, I’m not implying Tiwa (or the woman) did it on her own.

The man’s face is conveniently hidden. However, the woman’s face is visible. That man who taped it was well aware of what he was doing and why he leaked it.”

What exactly is your motivation and drive if you videotaped the live sex on Snapchat? What really is the motivation?

If not to “accidentally” disclose it on your Snap, perhaps as a kind of bragging rights to your friends/followers that you are sleeping with a celebrity.

I sincerely hope Tiwa Savage doesn’t think the leak was a “mistake.” It wasn’t because it wasn’t.

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Anyone who knows how Snapchat works will have a hard time believing this “error” story.

You don’t “inadvertently” upload stuff to Snapchat unless you’ve already recorded it there.

— Dr. Olufunmilayo (@DrOlufunmilayo) on #OurFavoriteOnlineDoc

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