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“There Is No Love For A Broke Man In The Generation” – Portable Says

Singer Portable reportedly stated that in this generation, there is no love for a broke man. His remarks reflect a sentiment that financial stability is crucial for romantic relationships in contemporary society.

Portable’s statement has sparked discussions on social media about the role of money in love and relationships today.

He said;

“See guys, I have 4 wives already. I am not a handsome man and that’s fact. But every day, I receive not less than 100 messages from very beautiful girls begging me to take them as a 5th wife or even just to have an affair with them. I’m saying this to encourage everyone to work hard. Stop chasing women, chase money, when you have money, you will be shocked at the category of women who will be willing to offer themselves to you. Forget women for now. There’s no love for a broke man in this generation…”

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