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Teni is gay

“Teni Is Gay: Fan Alledges After Dissecting YBGFA Lyrics

A fan recently posted a video on TikTok, @_.lory.g, showcasing a new song by Teni while boldly expressing her identity as gay and her desire to come out.

The song, titled “YBGFA” (Young Black Girl From Africa), features a segment where Teni sings:

“And this is who I am (This is who I am)
Ehn, take me for who I am (Take me for who am)
‘Cause I’m chasing the rainbow
‘Cause I’m chasing the rainbow”

The reference to the rainbow, a symbol associated with the LGBTQ community, has sparked speculation, supporting the fan’s suspicions. In the song, Teni empowers all girls, encouraging them to pursue their aspirations.

Reactions to the video questioning Teni’s sexual orientation include comments like:

@masky4u said:

“I surprise say people dey surprised… Teni no dey hide anything o”

@sash reacted:

“closet is see thruuuu????????”

@saheed268 wrote:

“Thunder fire teni and you for you to say you love gay”

@Ruth Daniel ? said:

“???? me sef Dey suspect tems but let’s keep our fingers crossed”

Watch video here


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