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Simi says she has never experienced heartbreak

Simi’s new song, Stranger, was one about failed relationships but the singer has not personally had the experience.

The artist, also known as Simisola Kosoko, shared this during a recent interview with reality star Tacha on Cool FM, Lagos.

During the interview, the singer clarified that her latest song, Stranger, which is themed on heartbreak, was not inspired by personal experiences.

She emphasised that she serves as an ambassador for those who have encountered heartbreak, expressing her empathy towards their struggles.

In her own words, “I don’t think I have ever been heartbroken. I don’t know, that song, Stranger, came to me very easily. I guess, maybe I’m just a champion for people that have taken breakfasts severally. I’m here for them. I mean, somebody has to be.”

Simi further explained that she often contemplates love and finds herself drawn to the topic.

She recognised a perspective that she hadn’t explored before – the idea of being in a relationship where one has changed so much and finds themselves accepting or adapting to things they wouldn’t normally do.

She described the feeling of looking in the mirror and realising that one no longer recognises themselves.

“You know, like you are in a relationship, they have not given you breakfast yet but you just feel like you’ve changed so much and you are doing things, accepting things or adapting to things that normally you would never would. And then one day, you look at yourself in the mirror, and you are like, I don’t know that person”, she expressed.

The singer believed that this perspective would resonate with many people who are currently going through heartbreak.

She wanted to capture that emotional experience in her song to create a relatable and meaningful connection with her listeners.

Simisola Bolatito Kosoko, widely known as Simi, is an award-winning Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music producer.

The singer’s candid admission about never having experienced heartbreak may come as a surprise to many fans who have been moved by her emotionally charged songs throughout her career.

Watch the full interview here:

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