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Simi and I began writing ‘Know you’ In 2017 – Ladipoe

Ladipoe, one of Nigeria’s hottest and most creative artists, has revealed that his smash song “Know You,” on which he collaborated with Simi, was something they began working on in 2017.

In an interview with Rev. Erskine and DJ Ganj on the Myd-morning show, Ladipoe revealed that Simi is someone he has always wanted to work with, but that all attempts to do so had failed until 2017.

“Eventually we got to the studio in 2017 and that was when we started writing “Know You.” The original idea was around he and I finished the song but I kinda left it for a while. I dropped an album called ‘Talk about Poe’ (TAP) and I didn’t put it on that because felt this is not the song for right now” he shared

Ladipoe celebrates "Know You" hittting 10 Million views on youtube

Poe confessed that at some point, Simi even asked him jokingly if he could give her the music if he didn’t like it because she thought he had held on to it for too long, but the singer said he knew what he was doing and did not release the tune.

“In 2020, I was going to drop another song and my team was like ‘what about this other jam?’ so I thought about it and I said we’re going into lockdown and we still need to connect. That was the whole idea of the song- connecting even though there’s distance- so we dropped the song,”

The Tik-Tok challenge for the song is a duet, according to the rapper, because the song’s goal is to bring people together. To show that no matter how far apart we are, we can still connect, see, and be with one other.

The superstar admitted that he had not expected the song to be that popular, and it was only after his father showed him a video of himself undertaking the Tiktok challenge that he understood it had become the “pandemic anthem.”


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