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Shallipopi and Rema Tease Fans with Mystery Collaboration

Shallipopi and Rema collaborte


In the vibrant world of Afrobeats, two young sensations from Edo State, Shallipopi and Rema, are making waves with their exceptional talents. Their recent move to share soundless videos of their collaborative project on Instagram has sent the internet into a frenzy, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the release of what promises to be a hit song.

The Mystery Project

The duo recently posted videos showcasing their music-making process, providing a sneak peek into what seems to be a highly anticipated collaboration. Despite the absence of sound in the videos, fans are expressing confidence that the upcoming release will be nothing short of a banger. The mystery surrounding the project has only fueled excitement.

Fan Anticipation

Since Shallipopi burst onto the scene, fans have been vocal about their desire for a collaboration between him and Rema. The release of the soundless video has reignited hopes for a groundbreaking project from these two rising stars. Social media is abuzz with comments from eager fans, with some predicting a chart-topping success and others curious about the deliberate choice to withhold the audio in the teaser.

Shallipopi’s Inspiration

In a recent episode of The Zero Conditions podcast, Shallipopi, also known as Crown Uzama, shared insights into his musical journey and credited Rema as a source of inspiration. He emphasized that Rema, the ‘Calm Down’ crooner, has served as a beacon of hope for artists from Edo State, encouraging them to believe in their talents. This acknowledgment adds depth to the upcoming collaboration, as it reflects the supportive and collaborative spirit within the Edo State music community.


As the excitement continues to build around Shallipopi and Rema’s collaborative project, fans are eagerly awaiting an official announcement. The upcoming release holds the promise of not just a hit song but also a testament to the power of collaboration and mutual encouragement within the music industry. Stay tuned for more updates as these two rising stars prepare to make their mark on the global stage.

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