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Seyi Shay gives details on the clash with Tiwa Savage

Nigerian Singer, Seyi Shay has opened up on the details behind the hot clash between her and Tiwa Savage, which has been trending on social media since it was uploaded by Tunde Ednut.

Seyi Shay was on a phone interview with Pulse Nigeria, where she shared her side of the story and gave details on the cause of the fight.

According to the “Right Now” crooner, she said the issues were supposed to be a thing of the past.

Seyi Shay reveals the area of her life she is working on
Seyi Shay

In the conversation, Seyi Shay said that her instinct had earlier told her that she was going to have a bad day, but since she prayed to God she knew her day will be perfect not until she met Tiwa Savage at the salon.

In her words;

“I saw Tiwa, as I saw Tiwa, I sat down and I said let me just chill, did you understand? let me just maintain my distance because you know people working in the salon were already…I could feel the tension, they were like oh looking at me looking at her, and actually that whats made me stand up and go and greet her because I can see that people were looking at her and me right? and I felt like no, I’m not going to feed into this, let people think something is wrong….I went to talk with her, she was sitting under the dryer at the point I just tap her like ‘Tiwa how are you, she was like ‘oh how are you’ said good her eyes were kind of love a little bit, we exchange pleasantries and I went back to sit down”.

She went further by saying that after some minutes, the Koroba singer was discussing with the shop attendant before coming to meet her. The moment she walked up to her the first statement from Tiwa was; “Seyi never in your life greet or talk to me again”

Tiwa Savage reacts as fan tattoos her name on her chest
Tiwa Savage

“I was surprised by her statement, then she starts to shout and calling me all sought of names which I reply her exactly what she said to me, but later on, I did not reply to her I just took out my camera and start recording her to have an evidence of her clear.”

On Seyi’s ‘Fvck you’ cover;

Seyi said her ‘Fvck you’ challenge cover could not be the reason for her attitude, because after the challenge they had met on several occasions and were even on the same private jet.

Seyi Shey gives details on the clash with Tiwa Savage
Seyi Shay

She said her ‘Fvck you challenge cover’ was just a means to respond to some of the things Tiwa has done to her and she made mention of how Tiwa stole one of her hit songs, “Mr. Lova Lova”, even using the Pulse interviewer as her witness and how she fought with one male artiste for featuring in her music.

Tiwa Savage

Seyi Shay said:

For Tiwa to know I have a bad spirit, then she also has a bad spirit 

Seyi said she was disappointed with Tiwa as a mother because she used her only son (Jamil) to swear, and for mocking her for not being able to give birth. She said she is too busy to answer the grandma (Tiwa)

Seyi Shay said:

How will a mother swear on her only son life 

The conversation was brought to an end by a call from Seyi sister’s.


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