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Phyno sitting comfortably at the top 10 rating conversation

Phyno’s significant impact on the music industry cannot be overemphasized, launching into the spotlight officially in 2012 with the highest level of energy. however, from his journey through ‘Ghost mode’, the debut and sophomore albums, to the singles after that, everything about Phyno‘s story is particularly amazing because of the way he fuses Igbo into rap and still cracks the music mainstream.

Phyno has been consistent for over a decade now since he came around, practically basking on longevity and originality with Igbo rap to promote cultural orientation and preservation.

Phyno is considered the pop luminaries who took elements of their culture and reimagined it for the future, although Nigga Raw now known as Mr Raw tried but Phyno conquered and became a global superstar.

Also, he technically carries the hopes and pride of the Igbo nation just like the way the West can lean into Olamide as an emblem of their art, Phyno charges the East.

However, the love and devotion that comes from his cultural relevance and representation make him the most influential on the coast.

Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike also known as Phyno, sitting comfortably at the throne as the King of the East, as well as carving a niche for himself not just as an indigenous rapper and singer but as a force to be reckoned with on a global scale.

Phyno flagship annual event that is known as Phynofest, is one of the biggest concerts in Nigeria, apart from Phyno, no other artists play a major concert outside Lagos.

Therefore, his presence and relevance have made him an exemplary light from the east, but whatever good he has done, he is still topping that now and leading the way in Nigeria as the first modern Nigerian artist to hold a major concert.

As far as the Nigerian music industry is concerned, Phyno will comfortably sit at the topic of the top 10 hip-hop and pop music artists’ conversation.

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