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Meet Emmanuel Alade, the CEO of Afrobeatsglobal

Meet Emmanuel Alade, CEO of Afrobeatsglobal and Creatrix Empire. He is an architect by profession, likes music, dance, enjoying himself and having a good time.

Emmanuel Alade popularly called Emmadex is currently living the dreams and visions he created for himself and the brand. In an exclusive interview, he gave some exciting and interesting details about himself.

Sit back and learn about this great man talk about himself and share his inspiring story in his own words.

“It has been an interesting and worthwhile journey; and I will definitely say this is not a quarter for everyone. It has been very interesting but one needs to have a passion for it. It is not something that happens by chance, I will say it is a test of character in so many ways. Lots of ups and downs inclusive, but as long as there is passion and spirit to excel in place, there will be a great result at the end. It has really been an amazing experience so far, having to watch people grow and achieve their dreams, and the fact that we are depositing into the lives of others and see them grow professionally.”

“My biggest challenge, everyday, is looking to see the light at the end of the tunnel, holding everything up
even when nothing seems to be coming. In terms of finance, we have to keep the organization running and making sure we are focusing on the major goal, which is the end result. However, having to run everything smoothly without making any income based on the economic situation of the country and believing in the service (s) that we render is quite tedious and draining, but the good thing is, I have faith and a strong believe in this great vision regardless.”

“My vision is to expand in terms of space and also impacting the world. We are actually doing that already by creating the Uncut Xtra album which helps young and talented music artistes get their voice out there on a bigger platform. In year 2021, I am looking to have like four other branches and bigger platforms in the heart of Lagos.”

“First, it is not just CEOs I look up to, I have mentors I listen to when my spirit is down. I listen to Alex Brown and some preachers, this helps to deposit positivity into my body system, it helps to rekindle my hope and energy, directly or indirectly. I also listen to Steven Jakes and this helps a lot as it resonates things in my mind. What comes as a concern to me most times is when I see businesses or company built years ago crumble as a result of the owner’s death, the vision also dies. Therefore, I want something that can transcend from generation to generation and live forever.”

“I am an ‘Oliver Twist’ as i always demand for more. But I can name some few things; in education, I have completed my Master’s degree. Effectively running my organisation is an achievement. To have studied architecture is not a joke, but been able to keep my sanity is actually a big accomplishment for me.”

If you would love to know more about Emmauel Alade and learn from his experiences and his words of wisdom, get the UncutXtra Magazine today.

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