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Kirk Franklin hails Kanye West as “One Of The Greatest Artists Of All Time”

Gospel Singer, Kirk Franklin has lavished accolades on Kanye West, the music mogul while explaining why an Mt. Rushmore of Gospel should never exist.

Kirk Franklin was stopped by fans and paparazzi while out and about, and a TMZ cameraman was able to get a few questions out of him before he was dragged away.

TMZ wanted to hear Franklin’s thoughts on Kanye West’s entry into the gospel scene and his subsequent dominance.

“Well, first of all, anybody can do gospel music. It’s because gospel music is for any of God’s children, man. And if anybody thinks that there’s a monopoly on the gospel, that’s a very arrogant mindset”, he said.

The paparazzo wanted to know if Kanye deserved placement on the Mt. Rushmore of Gospel because Franklin would certainly be on it.

Only one face, according to the Gospel singer, should go on the Mt. Rushmore of Gospel, leaving us to speculate who that face might be.

“I shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be no Mt. Rushmore of gospel music. I just think he’s one of the greatest artists of all time. He’s an incredible artist.”


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