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How Rema is maximizing Social media challenges with “#Grapechallenge””

Music Artists are now maximizing the use of social media challenge as another means to push out a song- a method Rema employs on his latest single, “Soundgasm” through the #GrapeChallenge.

Rema is about to send social media into a frenzy with his “#GrapeChallenge” which has helped in the promotion of “Soundgasm.”

In 2020, due to the pandemic, social media challenges became popular especially on apps like Tik-Tok, Instagram, and Twitter- One of the biggest beneficiaries was music artists.

Established artists weren’t the only ones cashing out from these challenges, new artists were being discovered.

Although Social media challenges were already popular before 2020, the lockdown made more people turn to them as a source of entertainment.

On the 10th of June, Rema dropped his second single of 2021 titled “Soundgasm“. The song shows an edgier side to Rema who was evolving from the teen idol people he was first marketed as.

In the song, Rema brags about his stamina, manpower and ability to dominate a woman in the other room. He employs the use of sexual innuendos which is becoming a regular fixture in his recent songs.

In less than a month, the music video has amassed over 3 million views on Youtube, however it almost times two of that view on Tiktok thanks to the “GrapeChallenge”.



Just most challenges aren’t named according to the song’s title, so it is with this particular challenge.

In fact, the choice of the name comes from verse two of the song in which Rema mentions Grapes several times.



The people mostly involved in the challenge have been women who show off their waist whining skills in this challenge.



The Impact

While most people would argue that the rampant increase in social media challenges is determining the type of songs been released, another school of thought would be that it helps give a song a broader reach.

How Rema is maximizing Social media challenges with #Grapechallenge.
How Rema is maximizing Social media challenges with #Grapechallenge.

Rema isn’t the only Nigerian artist to enjoy the latter, Kizz Daniel was forced to release the music video to “Nesesari” a song from his 2019 album, “No Bad Songz” in 2021. The plot twist here was that Kizz Daniel had released another album, “King of Love” in 2020.

Yemi Alade also experienced this with her 2017 song, “Single and Searching.” The song is from “Black Magic” released in 2017 and succeeded by two other albums from her.

For Rema who is gearing up to release his debut album, this is another opportunity to pique the curiosity of new fans and a wider audience.

The song and its challenge might end up causing a social media frenzy like The ‘silhouette challenge’ which went viral earlier in the year.



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