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Emmanuel Alade: Changing the narrative through entertainment

Emmanuel Alade: Changing the narrative through entertainment

In recent years, The African creative industry has been one to reckon with across the globe due to increasing nontraditional strategies employed for the developmental plans.

These industries which include design, fashion, film, television, radio, music, and much more have been overlooked for so long despite having grossly served as an avenue for jobs and domestic products for the western nations.

At the vanguard of the development is Emmanuel Alade, a UK based Architect and the CEO of Creatrix Empire, a UK/Nigeria based multimedia company, his drive to create opportunities and support for African creatives has put Africa on the limelight. And because his company provides services not limited to branding, digital marketing and music production Africa has earn the bragging right in entertainment.

Emmanuel created platforms that employed creatives and gave promotion to African artistes which in turn helps to transform the African narrative.

Through its sister company, Afrobeatsglobal, Emmanuel Alade developed platforms which gave back to the community and also appreciates African aesthetics through a quarterly written body of work that focuses on Lifestyle, Music, Entertainment, and Topical Issues – The Uncut Xtra Magazine.

The Uncut Xtra Album is a body of work created by Afrobeatsglobal. The uncut album also supports the African community through the opportunities of given to feature artists across the African continent; Afrobeatsglobal then takes responsibility for the production, mix, and master of individual artists’ music, which then gets promoted on various digital platforms at zero cost to the artist. This program is presumably the first of its kind in Africa, enabling arising artists to highlight their creativity and raw talent to the world.

In a recent interview, Emmanuel Alade said, “My vision is to expand in terms of space and also impact the world. We are actually doing that already by creating the Uncut Xtra Album which helps young and talented music artistes get their voice out there on a bigger platform. In year 2021, I am looking to have four other branches and bigger platforms in the heart of Lagos,” he stated.

According to him, spirituality and humility contributed to the development in his business.

He said; “First, is not just CEOs I look up to, I have mentors I listen to when my spirit is down. I listen to Les Brown and some preachers, this helps to deposit positivity into my body system, it helps to rekindle my hope and energy, directly or indirectly. I also listen to Steven Jakes and this helps a lot as it resonates things in my mind. What comes as a concern to me most times is when I see businesses or company built years ago crumble as a result of the owner’s death, the vision also dies. Therefore, I want something that can transcend from generation to generation and live forever.”

The fashion god is one of the youths portraying Nigeria and Africa in right direction. In few more years, Emmanuel will definitely be among Nigeria most influential youths.

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