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Dotman reveals the inspiration behind his viral song, “Akube”.

Nigerian Music Star, Dotman has opened up on what inspired his 2016 hit song, “Akube

In an exclusive with on Twitter, Dotman opened up on his career, challenges, goals and how his song, “Akube” came to be.

When asked what inspired the song, the singer revealed that when he was schooling in Unilag, he used to sell second-hand clothes popularly known as Akube

He revealed that many won’t buy and he would freestyle so as to attract customers and that was how the song came to be.

“Was in Unilag, I used to sell AKUBE clothes in school, many won’t want to buy and I would have to freestyle for them before they buy that was were the inspiration came from.” He wrote

Akube” was released in 2016 to critical success and was Dotman’s breakthrough song that launched him to stardom.


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