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“Don’t act like you like me then talk sh*t about me behind me” – Laycon

Rising Artist, Laycon, who is known for dismissing negative feedback, has sent a message for those who pretend to be his friends but are actually wolves in sheep’s clothes.

Laycon took to Snapchat to cast out false buddies who seem to love him while secretly plotting his downfall.

He said that these pals are his biggest hypers on social media, but they still criticize his demeanour and accomplishments behind his back.

The reality star was quick to remind his critics that he didn’t get to where he was by hating on them or dimming their light with cheap rumours. He went on to say that he owes everything he has to hard work, God’s grace, and his devoted ICONS.

He advised his naysayers to work harder with the same vigour they used to tarnish his reputation.

“Don’t act like you like me then talk sh*t about me behind my back. That shit will come back to me. You don’t need to put me down to rise up. When you guys realise that not how life works.”


“God nor go dim my lights for yours to shine sha. This thing is by God but if you think it’s by bad-mouthing, God go show you 100%. I didn’t get here by myself. I got God behind me. Na why God go dey always expose all of una.”


“Do good and that’s what will come back to you. In the end na the same way dem go package all of us dump for 6ft. Laycon will continue to win, I will continue to evolve. I will continue to conquer and break records.”


It’s unclear who this message was intended for, but the musician has already delivered his riot act to whomever it may concern.

Laycon is a Nigerian rapper and reality TV celebrity whose real name is Olamilekan Massoud Al-Khalifah Agbeleshe.

He was the winner of the fifth season of Big Brother Naija, Nigeria’s most popular reality TV show.


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