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Bobrisky Discloses He Has A Gas Station In Addition To The Hotel He Purchased Recently

After being called out for stealing someone’s money to show off, cross dresser Bobrisky has revealed that he owns a gas station in Lekki in addition to the hotel he recently purchased, gloating about his wealth.

Bobrisky revealed why he believes Nigerians despise him, claiming it is because of his wealth, displaying a bag full of cash, which prompted some netizens to demand that he return the money to its rightful owner.

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Bobrisky, in order to establish that the money belongs to her, revealed that she owns a gas station in Lekki and a hotel that he had purchased, against his lawyer’s advice to keep it hidden.

He went on to say that the money he flaunted isn’t significant to him because if it was, he would have sent it to the bank or spent it, but it’s not that important to him and it’s not anyone’s money, claiming that he makes a lot of money off of the insults people throw at her on social media.

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