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Bad Boy Timz terminates his contract with Anonymous Music, sues the label ​For Libelous Publication

On the 24th of May, Fast-rising Nigerian Artiste, Bad Boy Timz, took to social media to announce a lawsuit he has issued against his former record label, Anonymous music.

This legal letter is a reaction to a video that was published on social media blogs on the 18th of May. It shows Bad Boy Timz in handcuffs, and the headlines state that the artiste was allegedly arrested for terminating his contract with the record label and defrauding them.

According to the legal letter, disagreements ensued between both parties after the singer decided to terminate his contract with the record label because of “breach of the terms of the contract” by the record label.

Also, according to the letter, the artiste demands:

“A letter from the company jointly signed by Messrs. Temple Egemasi and Precious Egemasi to the artiste containing a suitable apology for the publication of the offensive video. The said letter to be published in 3 different national newspapers.

Payment of the sum of 200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million Naira) as damages for the publication of the offensive videos. An undertaking from both the company and Messrs. Temple Egemasi and Precious Egemasi that they will desist from posting such offensive video and/or any future allegation or action capable of defaming the character of the artiste.”


After the legal letter was posted, he also put up a press release stating that he had terminated any existing contract between himself and the record label. Therefore, any releases coming from the record label should be ignored.

Anonymous Music explains why they arrested Bad Boy Timz

“My attention has been drawn to the Press Release dated 22nd of May 2021 by Bad Boy Anonymous Music Ltd (also known as Anonymous Music) posted on various social media, suggesting the existence of an Artiste Performance and Recording Agreement as at today between myself and Anonymous Music.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the said contract has since been terminated. I exercised my right to terminate the contract after due notice of breach of contract by the music label as required under the contract and in accordance with law.

“The contents in the Press Release issued by the music label are false and deliberately made to distort facts surrounding the termination of the contract with the music label.

“It is important to state that the said Press Release is a confirmation that the music label did not only instigate the police to unlawfully arrest me in Abuja on the 17th of May 2021, but also posted a defamatory video (of the event of the that day) on a false, mischievous and baseless allegations concerning an issue of termination of contract, which is purely civil in nature.

“If the music label really had any genuine claim(s) after I had terminated the contract for obvious breach of the terms of the contract on their part, they ought to have approached the court for enforcement of their claims, rather than resort to the use of police to harass, intimidate, defame my character and violate my fundamental rights.

“My lawyers are at the moment taking all necessary legal steps in addressing the role of the sponsored policemen used by the music label and the unlawful actions of the promoters of the music label.

“For emphasis, I have terminated the contract between myself and the music label in accordance with the law. I therefore advise the general public to disregard the Press Release by the music label.”


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